Announcing: King game jam!

Game Jam Stockholm is thrilled to announce: the King Game Jam. In early October, we will be heading over to the colourful offices at King Stockholm for a exciting jam experience. We at GJSthlm feel[…]

Join the Organization!

Game Jam Stockholm is an open organization (Or, in Swedish: ideell förening), and you are most willing to join us! The fee for 2015 is 0 kronor, and if you join you will get information[…]

GGJSthlm 2015 pictures

The jam is on and GGJSthlm has been up and running for almost 24 hours. Around noon we had our first open demo session with early playables being tested by the museum public. Here’s a[…]

GGJSthlm sponsor: FundedByMe

The good news keep coming, folks! We are thrilled to announce that FundedByMe will be offering their crowdfunding expertise to our jammers, to aid everyone who will want to continue on their game projects after[…]

GGJSthlm Youth Jam

Jointly with GGJSthlm, 23-25/1, Game Jam Stockholm will arrange a small youth jam. The GGJSthlm Youth Jam is specifically directed towards 13-16 year olds who have some previous experience in either game making, programming or[…]

GGJSthlm sponsor: 3DVerkstan

It is with great pleasure that we present the following sponsor to the Global Game Jam Stockholm site: 3DVerkstan is the Stockholm-based company specializing in 3D-printing and the use of 3D-printing technology in schools, universities[…]

GGJ diversifier list

The Global Game Jam Diversifiers have now been announced! As many of you will know, at Global Game Jam, everyone will be jamming games to a common theme. But that theme will be kept secret,[…]

GGJ code of conduct

As the event gets closer, we want to remind everyone planning to attend the GGJ Stockholm of the Global Game Jam code of conduct, quoted in parts below. We believe that jamming should be fun,[…]