GGJSthlm 2016

Where: Tekniska museet
When: 29th-31st January (jamming starts at 17:00 on Friday 29th)
Age limit: None. Special rules apply to jammers under 15, see signup page for details.
Food on site: Only breakfast.

To sign up, visit: GGJSthlm 2016 signup.

Preliminary program

Friday 29/1

15:00: GGJ site open & jam games on display
Come on in, set up your working stations, meet & greet, play earlier jam games
16:00-17:00 – Talk program / Youth jam workshops

(Supershort break while the museum closes)

~17:10: GGJ starts
Secret theme is announced!!
17:30-18:30: Voluntary workshop: brainstorm and team building / Youth jam workshops

Rest of the evening and into the night: jamming…

Saturday, January 30th

9:00 onwards: Breakfast
11:00: Deadline for early playable demo
12:00-13:00: Open game test with museum visitors (groups are divided into shifts)
16:00-17:00: Open game test with museum visitors (groups are divided into shifts)
17:00: Museum closes and jamming continues.

All night: jamming…

Sunday, January 31st

9:00 onwards: Breakfast
12:00-13:00: Open game test with museum visitors (groups are divided into shifts)
15:00: Finished games deadline! Upload. Cake.
15:30-17:00: Open game presentation with museum visitors (pitch + demo stations)
17:00: Museum closes. Cleanup.
18:00: GGJ site closes.

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GGJ code of conduct

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