GGJStockholm 2017 final preparation

In case you haven’t bought tickets, you can still do so here. If you are all set, with ticket in hand, please read through the following to make sure you have the best jam possible:

Suggested packing list for participants:
– Sleeping bag and bedding
– Earplugs and eyemask to help you sleep
– Warm clothes (it might be chilly as we will try to keep the air flowing)
– Indoor shoes/slippers
– Try to bring non-spray deodorant (will be appreciated by those with asthma)
– Remember your medication!
– Your personal gear

If you need an ethernet connection, bring your own switch and ethernet cable as we will not be able to provide this to all jammers. If you have many devices, bring a power strip as well to ensure you can run all your gear.

Some info about food:
– At the jam space at Tekniska Museet you will access to microwave ovens, but fridge space is quite limited. Still, if you want to bring a lunch box, there is room.
– There is a museum restaurant just a few meters away from the jam space, serving both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.
– We will arrange pizza runs in the evenings on Friday and Saturday, so bring cash (or Swish) for that if you are interested.
– Included in your ticket is breakfast, and coffee and tea throughout the days.
– As per the rules: no nuts, please!