Global Game Jam 2017 signup

Global Game Jam Stockholm is part of the worlds biggest game making event, the Global Game Jam. This year, the 2017 GGJSthlm jam site will once again be at Tekniska Museet, where jamming will continue uninterrupted throughout the weekend. GGJSthlm is organized on a voluntary basis, and would like to thank Tekniska Museet for sponsoring the event and allowing us to use their space.

This is the official signup for the event, where you get your ticket: GGJSthlm 2017 signup

Please also create a user on the Global Game Jam site, so that other jammers can find you: GGJ global site. Once you are register, visit the jam site page here.

GGJSthlm 2017 will host around 110 jammers. Spots are likely to run out before the event, so sign up today!


GGJSthlm 2017 prices:

  • Regular jam ticket (18+) 120 SEK
  • Legal guardian with child 240 SEK

All jam tickets cover snacks and breakfast for the duration of the jam. Legal guardians joining their child at the jam must be present throughout the whole jam.

For information, contact:

  • Natassja Berkan: 076-078 01 08,
  • Peter Ekorre: 073-388 76 30,
  • Henrik Edlund: 070-367 55 11,
  • Cristoffer Wiker: 070-768 71 18