GGJ Stockholm 2016 Youth jam

GGJSthlm will once again host a youth jam for young game makers. The weekend-long game creation event starts on Friday 29th, and continues until Sunday 31th. The youth jam is arranged as a part of the Global Game Jam event, which is the largest game creation event in the world.

The youth jam is open to all young people under 15 years of age, regardless of prior experience with game making. (Youth over 15 can register to the jam on a regular ticket). The youth jam ticket costs 100 SEK. The ticket gives you access to the regular jam from (Friday to Sunday). Breakfast is included. Additionally, youth jam participants will have access to tutors and special support to help participants with their game creation process.

Adult supervision

Youth jam participants are free to partake in the jam without an adult during museum opening hours (10:00-17:00). When the museum closes (17:00), young jammers can either leave the jam site for the night (in the company of an adult), or stay overnight together with an accompanying adult.

Young jammers must be signed up by their legal guardian. Upon registration, we ask for the name of an accompanying adult (18+), who will be responsible for either staying overnight at the jam site with the child, or accompanying the child home after the museum closes. This person must then register a (free) accompanying adult ticket to the jam (or  if they wish to jam themselves, register a regular jam ticket).

If there is a group of friends joining the jam together, parents can agree together to have one adult accompanying the several children to the jam (max 4 children / adult).

>> Visit this site to sign up to the youth jam.

Who is organizing Global Game Jam Stockholm?

GGJSthlm is organized by the non-profit organization Game Jam Stockholm. GJSthlm is a volunteer-driven organization that works to promote and facilitate gaming, game making and a creative game culture. Game Jam Stockholm is registered under Sverok. You can read the organization statutes here (in Swedish).

Currently serving on the board for GJSthlm: Inger Ekman, Jon Back, Gemma Thomson, Daniel Kihlgren Kallander, and Johan Prell.

What is Global Game Jam?

Global Game Jam is the world’s largest game creation event – a globally coordinated game hackathon. The global event gathers over 20 000 game enthusiasts from countries all over the world. During this one weekend, game designers, professionals and amateurs alike come together to do what they all love best: make games. The aim is to complete new games from scratch in just 48 hours.

What do people do at a game jam?

A game jam is all about game creation. The jam process begins on Friday 17:00 when the secret theme for this year’s games is revealed. Jammers then get started with idea generation and team formation. Gradually, participants decide on an idea they like and start working to build the game from scratch. The games can be anything – either physical games (board games, card games), digital games, or something in between! Jammers typically work together in small groups of 2-5 people. It is common that teams help each other out, and especially at GJSthlm, there will be ample support for teams who feel they need some extra help with parts of the game making process.

The Global Game Jam is a weekend-long event, stretching all the way from Friday to Sunday. When it is time to sleep, we pack up our sleeping bags and camping mattresses to spend our night in the museum. In the morning, work continues again. Throughout the weekend, jammers will have the opportunity to display their games-in-the-making to museum visitors.

On Sunday, the ready games are registered to the Global Game Jam site, where they will be on display for everyone in the world to see and admire. The jam finally ends with a public presentation of the fresh games.

Contact for parents

If you are considering signing up your child and have any questions about the youth jam, the jam organizer, or practical arrangements of the jam, feel free to call Inger Ekman (+46 76 845 3837, preferably between 17-21).