King Game Jam keynotes

On Friday 2nd October, the King offices in Stockholm filled with jammers for the King Game Jam experience. To prepare everyone to dive into the creative process, the jam was kicked into motion by two excellent keynote presentations.

Jammers listening to the keynote presentations.
Eager jammers listening to the keynote presentations.

First on the scene, Ragnar Svensson from the Defold team provided the jammers with a sneak peek beta into King’s own engine, the Defold engine. The engine is perfect for light-weight agile prototyping and its efficient collaborative features releave jammers from the hassle of external version control (and failed sync).

Ragnar Svensson presenting the Defold engine
Ragnar Svensson making a live demonstration of the Defold engine.

Stephen Jarrett, creative director at King lead jammers right into the deep end of the pool, and taught them to swim with an inspiring and motivating talk about breaking rules in order to find the sweet spots of a really tight game design.

Stephen Jarrett revealing the secrets of good game making.
Stephen Jarrett revealed secrets of good game making.

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