GGJSthlm2015 ticket options

This year, the jam features two ticket options:

Standarad jam ticket (100SEK)
Regular jam ticket, includes:

  • Participation at the jam
  • Snacks and breakfast throughout the jam
  • Entrance to the Digital Illusions exhibition during Fri 23/1

Corporate jam ticket (1000SEK)
The corporate jam ticket provides you access to the event just like a standard pass (single jammer, snacks and breakfast included). The remainder of the fee is used to cover organizing costs during game jam activites organized by Game Jam Stockholm. The ticket cost is tax-deducible, so make sure to save the receipt for bookkeeping!

Game Jam Stockholm is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization and we need support to be able to keep arranging more game jams. We at Game Jam Stockholm believe that a healthy and fun jam culture creates an environment where more talent can be born and cultivated. If you represent a company, the corporate jam ticket offers a simple no-hassles solution to support this work, while you’re jamming. Perhaps your passion was once ignited and nurtured by the demoscene, or in a hobby project completed during sleepless nights? If so, then help passing the legacy onwards!

Ticket policy
The corporate ticket is fully optional. Thus, you can still register using the regular ticket even if you work in a game company! Also, if you are several jammers from the same company, you can freely decide amongst yourselves that just a portion of you register on a company ticket – the lot of you will still jam together on the same terms.