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Aron Ögren

We are thrilled to present one of our exciting industry mentors during this weekend: Aron Ögren, Lead artist at Blackbeard.

About Aron:

“Working as a 3D-generalist for about ten years in, primarily advertising, I´ve done everything from special effects to children’s games for SVT (Swedish public broadcasting). Since a year back, I run the games studio Blackbeard (Svartskägg actually). We are currently working on our first commercial release with a major publisher.

Making game prototypes is something we have embraced as our process, typically working 1-2 weeks on a prototype then evaluating its potential and deciding if it´s worthy of becoming a game. Coming to the Global Game Jam, I look forward to being inspired by all the creative minds at GGJ.”

Aron is a graphics wizard. He will be the person to help you with any tangles you may experience in creating amazing-looking games. Turn to Aron with general game design issues or technical help regarding 3D graphics and more specifically, Maya.


Aaron is visiting GGJSthlm Saturday 25/1 around 13.

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