GGJSthlm mentor announcement

Following last year’s extremely positive feedback on industry mentorship, GGJSthlm is again committed to see you excel by bringing in some good people to give you that extra support!

This year, we will be bringing in three awesome mentors to give our jammers support with various aspects of development.

Visiting the site on Saturday:

Visiting the site on Sunday:

  • Max Lachmann, Sound designer at Avalanche, Pole Production

With mentors visiting both on Saturday and Sunday, you will have serveral opportunities to share and discuss their ideas with industry experts. During mentoring sessions, jammers will present their games and get expert feedback from someone with a trained perspective on game development.

What can mentors do for you?

You get to work out your ideas with someone who have years of experience in games (and who also had some sleep last night). Feel free to talk about any troubles you may have, ask questions about the development process, design, artistic and technical solutions.

Don’t be shy! The mentors are there to help you, and they are interested in seeing your games rock!

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