Diversifiers announced!

Global Game Jam has announced the list of diversifiers for GGJ2014. Go check them out!!!

What are diversifiers?

All GGJ games will adhere to a common theme (secret until the jamming starts on Friday 17:00 local time). Jammers may additionally choose to apply diversifiers – a list of additional technical or creative constraints to boost the challenge of the design process. Diversifiers are a free-for-all voluntary list of secondary constraints, that the individual teams can pick and choose as they please.

The GGJ Diversifier system is aimed at providing motivation for experienced game jammers, and also for making it easier to search for different types of games among the thousands that are created.

Do I have to use diversifiers?

No, you don’t. Diversifiers are absolutely voluntary. If you feel like finishing a game on the given theme is enough challenge for you, you can just go on jamming and simply ignore the diversifiers.

Who should use diversifiers?

The GGJ Diversifier system ups the challenge of jamming by adding extra technological or creative constraint. It is primarily aimed at providing motivation for experienced game jammers, but anyone is free to use them.

If you are a first-time team of students, we recommend that you focus primarily on the overall constraint (the theme that will be announced on Friday), and only add in extra diversifiers if you feel sure you will have something to hand in on Sunday.

How do you use diversifiers?

  • Voluntary: In your design process, you can choose to use diversifiers or not, as you please.
  • Free-form: There is no given way to work with diversifiers, or any limits to how many you can use.
  • Non-binding: Diversifiers do not bind you. You may abandon diversifiers as you go along.
  • Upload procedure: At the end of the jam process, you check off the diversifiers (if any) the game uses when uploading the game.
  • One, or many: You may use as many diversifiers as you like. If you are a seriously competitive person and simply finishing a game in 48 hours is not challenge enough for you, you can try and apply them all!

Using diversifiers as an ideation tool

Creative professionals often report upon the beneficial effect of additional constraints on the ideation process. Diversifiers are definitely a challenge, but they may also inspire more out-of-the-box thinking and non-trivial solutions. You might want to use them simply to boost ideation, then leave them behind.

If you find yourself stuck with your design, try using diversifiers to find another perspective or simply approach a slightly different problem for a change. You may find this opening up new solutions for you.


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