GGJ Stockholm 2016 Youth jam

GGJSthlm will once again host a youth jam for young game makers. The weekend-long game creation event starts on Friday 29th, and continues until Sunday 31th. The youth jam is arranged as a part of[…]

Stadgar för Game Jam Stockholm

Stadgar för Game Jam Stockholm §1 Föreningens namn Föreningens namn är Game Jam Stockholm §2 Föreningen har sitt säte i Stockholm. §3 Föreningsform Föreningen är en ideell förening. Föreningen är ansluten till Sverok. §4 Syfte[…]

Global Game Jam 2016 signup

Global Game Jam Stockholm is part of the worlds biggest game making event, the Global Game Jam. This year, the 2016 GGJSthlm jam site will be at Tekniska Museet, where jamming will continue uninterrupted throughout[…]



Yes anxious minds! There will be a GGJ Sthlm site 2016 as there has been previous years. Stay tuned for more information, as we get the registration process up and running! As usual, we are[…]


King Game Jam 2015

Hello fellow devs and jammers! First up, I’ll be posting breakdowns of the most interesting things I learned in Substance Designer on this Youtube channel later, so click that link and subscribe if you’d like to know more! During the[…]


King Game Jam keynotes

On Friday 2nd October, the King offices in Stockholm filled with jammers for the King Game Jam experience. To prepare everyone to dive into the creative process, the jam was kicked into motion by two[…]


Jamming at King

What a day! We are nearing the end of our first hectic sprint at the King Game Jam and the clock is already ticking well past midnight. Nearly 50 jammers have all claimed a corner[…]

GameJam Logo_medium_header

Announcing: King game jam!

Game Jam Stockholm is thrilled to announce: the King Game Jam. In early October, we will be heading over to the colourful offices at King Stockholm for a exciting jam experience. We at GJSthlm feel[…]